Sunday, 24th November 2019 / Posted in Web

Rethinking Third Sector Outreach: Cancer Research Wales.

A charity’s website is more important now than ever. So when Cancer Research Wales approached us to up their online game, we had just the solution.

There are an estimated 3.9 billion internet users worldwide. And when it comes to the importance of online visibility, the third sector is no different from any other. Digitally savvy audiences are looking for more. They want instant, they want simple, they want usable, and they want a memorable experience. With this in mind, here’s what we did… 

We made it mobile

Smartphones have changed the way we search online. We can now access the web at the touch of a button — anytime, anywhere. There are an estimated 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide. Yet so many websites fail to put mobile first when it comes to design. Cancer Research Wales was one of them. Not only an important factor for SEO, but a mobile compatible design also enhances the user experience (UX) by keeping the information simple, attractive, and responsive to users across all platforms. By making the site mobile, the charity now has limitless potential to engage with supporters, fundraisers and potential donors both at their leisure and at live events. 

We focused on the 'why'

Cancer Research Wales is a charity that’s focused on — you guessed it — research. They’re pioneering some of the most groundbreaking and inspiring work in the field, and we wanted to make sure that their new website reflected this. We didn't want users to have to scroll or click to find out about the impact of the charity's work. We wanted it to be clear. Bringing the USP to the forefront of the website not only keeps the content relevant for SERPS but reminds the user of the charity’s mission, vision and values in an impactful way that both resonates and engages. 

We created a more visually enticing experience 

User Interface (UI) design is the link between the user and the website. It includes the basic design elements that are needed to navigate a site and make decisions. How this information is designed and presented has an overall impact on the overall user experience (UX), and ultimately the success of the site (in terms of lead generation, clicks and conversions). In short, it’s what draws users to the website and it’s what keeps them there. With this in mind, we wanted to make the Cancer Research Wales website command attention. We simplified the design, led with impactful images, kept content short, placed more emphasis on colourful call to action (CTA) buttons and made the site generally more interactive and appealing. 

We made it easier to participate 

More than just one-off donations, we wanted to encourage user participation across all aspects of the charity’s fundraising efforts. From enhancing the e-commerce experience and optimising the donations function to encouraging event participation, we made the site simple to navigate, clear to understand and easy to get involved. 

We integrated a Charity CRM 

To make sure that Cancer Research Wales was optimising the customer experience, we integrated Access ThankQ. This CRM software has been developed specifically for charities and fundraising professionals — so it was a perfect fit for this project. Aside from providing the charity with valuable data and insights, Access ThankQ integration is also being used to help manage content, campaigns and supporters to deliver an all-round enhanced customer experience.

If you're a third sector organisation looking to enhance your digital strategy and online results, or integrate with ThankQ or similar CRM, drop us a line here.