Thursday, 5th July 2018 / Posted in WebBox

Meet Andrew Livesey.

Andrew has recently joined WebBox as a Digital Project Manager. Today we caught up with him to find out more…

Where have you worked previously?
I worked for Cardiff for a digital startup called About the Funeral. It is a comparison engine for comparing funeral providers and prepaid funeral plans. Prior to that; I project managed another startup called Letsgodoo; a things-to-do marketplace and SaaS solution. 

What do you enjoy about working in the tech sector?
I like that everything is always advancing and changing and there is no limit really to how technology can be used to improving real-world solutions.

I like managing projects and ensuring that the dreams and aspirations of others are realised to the highest standard. Ensuring smile all round on delivery.

How did you become a Digital Project Manager?
To a certain extent, I fell into it really. In my early twenties, I was organising C-Suite corporate events and a friend of mine started the Letsgodoo project and want to see if I was up for the journey. I took the project on and didn’t look back.

How do you keep your knowledge/skills up to date?
I watch YouTube content, read industry articles and also subscribe to the blog and podcasts of the digital project manager blog site. I also like to learn from the professionals around me. It’s amazing what you can learn by asking the right questions over a cup of tea!

Do you have any hobbies/how do you relax?
I have two young children which means hobbies of the past have taken a back seat. When I have a chance I like going to the gym and watching a variety of sport but more often than not my spare time revolves around taking the kids to the local park or going out on day trips.

Why WebBox?
I was looking for an opportunity to work in a fast paced and forward thinking environment, work closely with developers to deliver bespoke digital solutions. 

WebBox ticked the box… excuse the pun. 

To find out more about Andrew, visit his profile.